Carpet Cleaning


You may have vastly different needs when it comes to finding the right carpet cleaning service. Rugs, even similar-looking, wall-to-wall carpets in your home have different fabric content, require certain standards of care, or have spots and stains that require specific methods of removal. Specialty rugs (Oriental, imported, hand-made, etc.) need particular care and attention. Find a Cleaning Pro will put you in touch with a professional carpet cleaning company that will meet the varying needs of their customers.

Find a Cleaning Pro features professional carpet cleaning companies with trained technicians. Staff who arrive at your home are polite and will listen to any concerns or special instructions you may have. Professional carpet cleaners value their dedicated staff members who offer the a personalized level of care, exceeding their customers? expectations.

Many carpet cleaners offer same day servicing, anytime scheduling and routine carpet cleaning and maintenance. Equipment is up-to-date, cleaning agents are top-of-the-line and technicians are experienced with many different methods of stain removal for stubborn stains that will not respond to traditional methods.

A skilled professional carpet technician will always perform a site inspection upon arrival to determine problem areas. Your heavy furniture will be moved in order to do the job and neatly replaced afterwards.

Find a Cleaning Pro carpet professionals are licensed and the company is bonded and insured. Employees are screened and trained. Carpet professionals provide referrals and a job satisfaction guarantee. Many offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Low moisture cleaning (clean and walk on it in minutes)
  • Tile cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pet odor removal
  • Specialty cleaning (ink, rust, wine)
  • Fiber protectants
  • Carpet repairs including patching, red stain removal, stretching, seam repairs, metal & transition strip installation
  • Regularly scheduled cleaning to control household allergens and dust-mites.
  • Pad replacement
  • Spot dyeing
  • Deep cleaning and restoration
  • Green cleaning (organic, enzyme-based cleansers)
  • Hypoallergenic products

Carpeting is a big investment. A Find a Cleaning Pro carpet cleaning company will treat your carpet and home like their own, with safe, fast and effective carpet cleaning services.

Typical Services Feature:
  • Dusting window sills and air vents
  • Detailing baseboards and chair rails
  • Cleaning Mini Blinds
  • Rooms are deodorized
  • Fingerprints removed from woodwork, doorframes and cabinets
  • Couch and chair cushions and other upholstered furniture vacuumed
  • Rooms are deoderized
  • Cleaning floors